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This is life in NY, life without Sydney, life all around
Eyes open, it's amazing how much you suddenly see.

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Gran goes to Greenwich

A beautiful, but chilly day exploring Greenwich Village. Caught the fast D all the way to Washington Square and hopped out into an icy cold West side. We wandered gently up Christopher Street, excited at the prospect of naked kareoke. Plenty of window shopping, tiny, tucked away vintage stores the only ones provoking me enough to enter. Passed my old favourite, the fortune teller “Marie” with her neon “Past, Present Future” still flashing, precariously in red.  We drooled our way around Magnolia’s Bakery, but waited patiently for lunch before indulging.  ”Glassybaby” caught my eye, silky perfect rainbow of pastel shaded, handmade glasses.  The manager came out to chat, give us the gossip and boast how he was an Olympic rower and spent many a race at Henley upon Thames. I may even have seen him there in my youth as I supped Pimms on the shore. I digress, again. We stumbled by accident, upon “Grey Dog” familiar to me as someone had reccommended it somewhere before. It was ram-packed, with a great vibe, and cool decor, without being pretentious. The sandwich menu was extensive and we sat and ate giant doorstops, stuffed with hummus and roast veggies, pulled pork and pickles.  Curiosity prompted me to search out Chumleys at 86 Bedford Street,  an original speakeasy from prohibition days. Sadly, it’s been shut since the chimney collapsed in 2007,  apparently being renovated, but still looking very worse for wear. Established in 1926, it was a hangout for creatives and literary types, even had a mention in Mad Men. I shall await it’s reopening with baited breath.  From Greenwich we walked to Soho, ending with a couple of Sake Martini’s in Pravdas, my all time favourite spot for a Manhattan cocktail.  An emergency wee stop getting off the train in Park Slope forced another stop at Mission Delores, another great bar, hidden in the back of dimly lit shed behind a steel garage door. Two more beers finished the day, the night, and me off to completion.  Poor, poor Gran. 

Pravda www.pravdany.com

Grey Dog Cafe   http://thegreydog.com/

Mission Delores - Hilarious, check out the blog listing the beer on draft http://missiondoloresbar.com/blog/

Glassybaby - http://www.glassybaby.com/

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